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Hidrostal in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a water country par excellence. The work we do, we like to do “right” the first time round. Especially in the case of professional water management, safety, quality and reliability are key themes. When it comes to energy-efficient and environmentally conscious water management, we try to do our bit every day.

A pump is the technical heart of your installation. Our mission is to ensure that this technical heart keeps beating vigorously. This reliability comes from our passion and Hidrostal’s unique technical product features.

Our screw centrifugal pumps in the wastewater world are impossible to imagine without, they are a household name in pumping stations and treatment plants. Whether for dry or wet basements, we have a solution for almost every conceivable situation. Our unique and characteristic screw centrifugal impellers ensure a clog-free and trouble-free transport of sewage water. In addition, our pumps are extremely low maintenance and energy efficient. In addition to various material choices, Hidrostal pumps are easily and quickly externally adjustable for your convenience.

Hidrostal BV

Hidrostal Netherlands serves the Dutch market from a modern and spacious premises in Dordrecht. Our enthusiastic team consists of skilled professionals who will gladly advise you in making the right selection and pump choice as well as advise you on service, service life, long life cycle cost and clogging problems.

Hidrostal consists solely of experienced technicians who have been working with Hidrostal quality products for several years. Our experience and expertise contribute daily to perform the following activities to the satisfaction of the customer:

  • advice and selection of new pumps and systems
  • conversion and overhaul of existing pumping stations or pumping systems
  • analysis and design of sewage applications and installations
  • installation work
  • preventive and corrective maintenance in our workshop or on site
  • troubleshooting

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